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Кружка — крупнейшая сеть пивных ресторанов Москвы. В настоящее время она насчитывает более 30 ресторанов в Москве и Московской области.

КОНЦЕПЦИЯ Кружки — демократичный пивной ресторан, доступный каждому. Мы расположены рядом с метро и основными автомагистралями и удобны для посещения большими компаниями. Все Кружки имеют современное техническое оснащение, большие телеэкраны и единую программу трансляций. Большинство новых клиентов приходят в Кружку по рекомендации своих знакомых. Неподдельная атмосфера Кружки создается оригинальным интерьером, уникальной программой собственного радио и телевещания, и конечно, нашими завсегдатаями.

Демократичность концепции отражена в меню, составленном из хитов интернациональной кухни. Основные принципы меню: демократичность цен, щедрые порции, сытные блюда и ассортимент, рассчитанный на удовлетворение наиболее распространенных вкусов. Компактность меню связана с большой пропускной способностью ресторана и необходимостью быстрого обслуживания посетителей.

Благодаря распространенности в Москве, большой вместимости залов, доступности цен и единому формату Кружка имеет устойчивый имидж популярного народного заведения.

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Food Service, Europe & Middle East

A 'Key Concept' by the Karelskaya Sisters
     Apshu is a small town in Eastland - and the name of a restaurant located right there, led by the 'Karelskaya Sisters' Maria and Anna, who decided to open a restaurant “for friends” which they did in May 2003. Apshu restaurant has more then 10 founders, among them foreign journalists and TV presenters. ”Our intention was to create something like a club, where people can socialize as if they would be in their friends' kitchen", tells Anna Karelskaya. At weekends they hold "dinners" which are cooked by one of the club members, in the evenings they arrange concerts. The idea of a house where one can easily come in is embodied in a key for the Apshu front door that can be given only to a haunter of restaurant. This key gives a right to reserve a table or to attend concerts. During one year 2,000 keys have been handed out. About 50% of the guests come to Apshu in order to eat, but most of them are seeking some company and have a drink. The average bill is about $10-15. The interior of Apshu might remind of a dacha (countryside house), walls are left plain and unfinished for exhibitions, from children drawings to works of professional artists. The interior was created by Alexander Brodsky, one of the most popular Russian architects. On a regular day Apshu hosts about 300-400 guests - most of them authors, artists or architects-with 150 seats only. The Karelskiye Sisters (both have a degree in philology) explain their success story mainly with a good knowledge of their customers. www.apshu.ru

Be 'in Vogue' at Moscow Downtown
     The restaurant Vogue Cafe is by far the most famous project of the year 2003. Everyone in Moscow was eager to sit at the table in this new venture of probably the most well-known Russian restaurateur Arkadiy Novikov. Within the first few months it was fully booked at least one week before hand. Today the restaurant is just a year old, and each seat turns around more than four times daily. Occupying 300 sq m in total, it has been split into two zones: one is a cafe for 35 seats, the other one is a restaurant designed to accommodate up to 85 guests at once. It is worth mentioning that the 'pay back period' for this establishment was somewhat six months from the day it was initially opened.
Michail Petukhov, Director of the Vogue Cafe, explains the success as a fortunate combination of reasonable prices at a high food quality (average bill S45), nicely chosen location - Vogue Cafe is situated on a busy intersection in Moscow down-town - and last, but not least the alliance with a glossy magazine named Vogue. Traditional Russian and European dishes are combined. For instance, guests can find salad 'Olivye'- a very specific dish which on Hew Year's Eve can be found in every Russian home, classic Russian cold soup - “okroshka” ( chopped veggies with kvas or kefir), and buckweat with porcini. Ulitsa Kutznetsky Most 7/9 

Signature beer from a Russian Chain
The first branch of the restaurant chain Kruzhka was opened in April 2003 in a 'bedroom community' called Kon'kovo in the south-west outskirts of Moscow. To­day the chain already operates 13 restaurants in Moscow; another two branches are planned for opening in September this year. Kruzhka hosts about 20,000 guests daily and nearly 80% of them are regular goers. The chain plans to lodge an­other branch in Saint Petersburg, and wants to become an all-Russian brand within the next few years. Kruzhka is an inexpensive beer restaurant (average bill S10-15), with elements of a sports bar - TV-broadcasts of various sports events attract lots themes: massive wooden furniture, TV-screens and brick walls where soon photographs of well-known sportsmen will appear. Kruzhka is designed for up to 165 guests. The menu consists of four types of starters and twelve main courses. Among the most popular: Arabian shaurma (30% of sales), potato dishes (20%) and shashlyk (13%).The most important beverage is beer: Stella Artois, Sibirskaya Korona, and a signature beer called Kruzhka are offered.